What to Expect At Your Toronto Orthodontist Consultation

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Receiving orthodontic treatment can be a very rewarding and life-changing event. Don’t let any of your worries about the first visit get in the way of you and a perfect smile! Let our Scarborough orthodontics team at Beach Braces prepare you for the smile you want and deserve! We’ve prepared this blog post to help give you a better understanding of what your first steps look like.

Your Consultation at Beach Braces

Your consultation at Beach Braces will be led by Scarborough orthodontist, Dr. John Daskalogiannakis. The Beach Braces family lovingly knows him as Dr. Dask. Your consultation for orthodontic treatment will consist of a complete oral exam, with X-rays if needed, to determine what your specific needs are. On your first visit Dr. Dask will go over specific orthodontic problems and possible solutions. He will give you a good idea of what each solution would like, and help you decide if this type of treatment is right for you. This is also your opportunity to ask us any questions, and discuss any concern you may have.

What Do You Need From Me?

More than anything, a thoughtful list of questions will be most beneficial to you during your consultation. Feel free to write down key points you want to discuss with Dr. Dask before coming in for your appointment. We want to help make sure you’re as informed as possible! Any activities you believe could affect treatment should also be brought up, along with guidelines you’ll want to follow. 

What Happens After the Consultation?

Typically if you are ready for orthodontic treatment we need to diagnose the situation and look for treatment options in more detail than what is afforded at the Initial visit. This would require x-rays and a scan or impressions of your teeth. Dr. Dask will analyze these and map out the best route for your treatment. This may involve Invisalign or traditional braces, or some other appliance depending on the situation. Our amazing team will help you decide which specific plan will best fit your needs and lifestyle. We will also go over treatment lengths and payment plans that work for your budget. 

Visit An Orthodontist In Scarborough

At Beach Braces in Scarborough, our main goal is to give you a beautiful smile that you will feel confident about. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. You deserve to give a great first impression! Dr. Dask and our team would be more than happy to meet you for a consultation. Please contact us for all booking and appointment information. We look forward to seeing you in our office soon!