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Here at Beach Braces we understand that nobody wants to have permanent teeth extracted as part of their orthodontic treatment. Dr. Dask’s first choice is to treat a case without extracting permanent teeth. However, he also realizes that certain cases which exhibit severe crowding are best treated with the removal of teeth. Below are some examples of cases treated by Dr. Dask. Incredible results and inspiring journeys – you can see some of our patients’ before and after photos next time you visit our practice!

 Case 1

Patient presented with severe crowding in the upper and lower teeth. Four premolar teeth were extracted and braces were placed to correct the malocclusion

 Case 2

Patient presented with a large gap between the two upper front teeth. The result was achieved with upper and lower braces and night-time elastics. No permanent teeth were extracted.

 Case 3

Patient presented with two missing lower teeth and an impacted upper eye-tooth. Upper and lower braces and two upper premolar extractions were used to idealize the alignment and correct the bite. The gaps from the lower missing teeth were closed without the need for prosthetic teeth.

 Case 4

Patient presented with very severe crowding, associated with cleft palate. The lack of space caused some teeth not to erupt. However, given the patient’s facial appearance extractions were contraindicated. Upper and lower braces helped achieve the final result. No permanent teeth were extracted.

 Case 5

Patient presented with a narrow upper jaw and a cross-bite on the right side (= upper teeth fitting “too far in” relative to the lower teeth). A palate expander was used to widen the upper jaw and upper and lower braces assisted with idealizing the alignment of the teeth and perfecting the bite. No extraction of permanent teeth was necessary.

 Case 6

Patient presented with large overbite associated with a craniofacial syndrome. The result was achieved through extraction of four permanent teeth, upper and lower braces and an operation to bring the lower jaw forward.

 Case 7

Patient presented with an anterior open bite (= front teeth not touching) due to sucking her thumb for a long time. Braces and a special appliance (called a “crib”) were used to correct the problem. No permanent teeth were extracted.

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