Fun Food Ideas for Braces This Summer

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Did you just get braces? Are you wondering if you can still enjoy a few sweet treats this summer? This answer is YES! Just because you have braces doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a few summertime favourites. Our team at Beach Braces has put together a list of some braces-friendly snacks for you to enjoy!


As suggested by Oral B, it’s best for people with braces to avoid hard or sticky food options. Luckily for watermelon lovers, this sweet and delicious snack can almost melt in your mouth! There are many health benefits to eating watermelon as well. In fact, this summer treat is a great source of vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. Plus, it can help keep you hydrated on a hot and sunny day.

Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt

Would it even be summer without some ice cream or frozen yogurt? Some orthodontists recommend these delicious treats after a patient gets their braces on or adjusted. The coldness of ice cream can help reduce the discomfort after an orthodontic adjustment. While it is completely safe for you to eat if you have braces, you need to be aware of any additional toppings that could get stuck in or cause breakage of your braces, such as nuts or hard candies!  Like any other sugary snack, you need to make sure you clean your braces and teeth well after eating to avoid any oral health problems down the line.


This is not a joke! Cake is soft, fluffy and is not a threat to your braces. Those of you with braces should just avoid cake with caramel, nuts and candied fruit. But you can definitely have your cake, and eat it too! Try making a refreshing lemon cake for yourself and your family to enjoy this summer! Taste of Home has some of the best cake recipes you can easily modify to enjoy with braces!

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– The Beach Braces Team