Why You Should Consider Orthodontic Treatment This New Year

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Considering orthodontic treatment could be the best New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made! Not only for your self-confidence, but also for your overall health. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this journey! You would be joining over 4 million people under orthodontic care in Canada and the United States.

Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment 

Most people seeking orthodontics do so for a straighter, more appealing smile. Straight teeth and a beautiful smile can open social and professional doors throughout life. A beautiful smile can profoundly impact how you feel about yourself and the confidence and self esteem that you carry with you through your daily life. However, orthodontic treatment offers even more benefits! There are many places for food to get stuck in crooked and overcrowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment can assist in improving oral hygiene, by making it easier to brush and clean your teeth properly. This will help reduce the chances of tooth decay, or periodontal disease.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment 

Our Toronto orthodontic office offers a wide variety of treatment options for any age. These include:

  • Self-ligating braces: This is our most popular orthodontic appliance, offering advanced technology and a comfortable design. These braces don’t require ligatures, making them more convenient and easier to care for.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign consists of a series of comfortable and nearly invisible aligners. They allow your smile to shine through during treatment, plus they are removable .
  • Surgical orthodontics: We save this method of treatment for the most severe cases of bites, malocclusions, and jaw bone abnormalities.

There has never been a better time to have orthodontic treatment!

The new reality that the pandemic has brought us dictates that everyone wear masks when in public. More and more people are making use of this situation to straighten their smile “stealth mode”!

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