3 Facts About Orthodontics

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Braces and orthodontic treatment are more popular now, than ever before! However, there are still some facts that may surprise you when it comes to the history of orthodontics and how it came to be. Below are a few facts from the American Association of Orthodontists for your reading pleasure.


Did you know that the word “orthodontics” is of Greek origin? (As Dr. Dask says, “is this really a surprise?” 🙂


If you break down the word, “orthos” means straight or correct, and “donti” means tooth.


Did you know that orthodontics became its own dental speciality in 1890?


The specialty of orthodontics, dentistry’s oldest specialty, was founded by Edward H. Angle. He was the first dental professional to limit his practice to strictly moving teeth and aligning jaws. Angle’s classification of bite problems is still used today by every orthodontist.


Did you know that teeth move because the bone around them responds to prolonged pressure?


It is now understood that pressure that is maintained for over 4 hours can start this process of moving teeth at the cellular level. Pressure can be beneficial or harmful to teeth. For example, thumb-sucking or abnormal swallowing can push teeth out of place. This type of abnormal pressure causes an bite problem that can create difficulties with speaking and chewing. It can also create an esthetic concern for parents. On the other hand, gentle pressure in the indicated direction can help teeth improve their position and function. Orthodontic treatment, including braces, apply gentle pressure to guide teeth into an ideal position.


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