Braces-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is almost here! If you or your sweetheart will be sporting orthodontic appliances this year, don’t fret. There are plenty of options that are safe for you to enjoy while not jeopardizing the well-being of your smile. Check out these braces-friendly sweets and treats that you can indulge in without fear this Valentine’s Day.

Braces-Friendly Sweets

While we usually advise our patients who wear braces to avoid consuming foods high in sugar as much as possible, sometimes exceptions must be made for special occasions. Before you bite into a mystery chocolate, however, be sure that it doesn’t contain caramel, nuts, or toffee. When in doubt, stick to sweets that you are familiar with and know are soft, such as plain chocolate, ice cream, cake, or pudding. An even better alternative to sugary desserts would be to trade out the candy altogether for something equally as decadent but better for your teeth, such as strawberries and whipped cream. As always, be sure to brush and floss diligently after consuming any decadent treat.

Other Ways to Celebrate

Whether you plan on celebrating the holiday with your special someone or with a group of friends, there are many ways to make the most of your Valentine’s Day without sugary treats. Sending flowers, making a thoughtful card or cooking dinner at your home are great ways to let the people in your life know that you love and appreciate them without threatening the health of your smile. Other fun activities could include eating dinner at your favourite restaurant or going to a popcorn-free movie.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this V-Day, be sure to indulge in sweets and activities that won’t put your changing smile at risk. For more tips on how to care for your orthodontic appliances, the helpful team at Beaches Braces is here for you! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation in the Beaches area of Toronto. We can’t wait to help see you smile!

– Your Beach Braces Team