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If you are looking for a winter wonderland, you can certainly enjoy yourself in Toronto. People visit here from all over the world during the holidays. Our beautiful city features numerous cultural attractions and waterfront activities to immerse yourself in throughout the winter break. However, the winter holidays are also when we get to focus on family and friends, review how the year went, and make plans for next year. It’s common practice to use this time as an opportunity to evaluate our lives and determine that more focus is needed on our well-being. We need solutions that keep us happy, healthy, and balanced.

Get Help for Your Smile

A health concern that many people have is how their smile looks and appears to others. We tend to postpone an orthodontic consultation because of the pre-assumed costs or discomfort of orthodontic treatment. However, having healthy, straight teeth gives you more confidence when you meet new people and when you must smile for different occasions, especially for family photos.

At Beach Braces in Scarborough, we want to help you explore your options and determine if orthodontic treatment is best for your smile and overall health. Here are some common problems that patients receive treatment for in our practice:

  • Excessive overbite. Imagine that the top teeth bite down over the bottom teeth. If you close your teeth and less than half of your lower teeth are visible to others, you might have this problem. When the lower front teeth touch the gum behind the upper front teeth when biting, this problem is more pressing.
  • Underbite. Imagine that your lower jaw extends forward more than usual. When you close your teeth, the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth.
  • Protruded teeth. Imagine that your upper jaw sits more in front than your lower jaw. If your upper teeth sit over your lower lip, you could have this problem. You could also experience speech or eating problems with this condition and more easily injure your teeth or mouth during an accident.
  • Crowded teeth. Imagine that your teeth do not have enough space to sit side by side. Sometimes, patients have large teeth, teeth of different sizes, or a small jaw. Some patients have jaws and teeth that don’t match together according to size.

We want to help you feel better about your smile and brighten up your New Year with confidence! Schedule an orthodontic consultation for yourself or your child today!