3 Fall Comfort Foods for Patients with New Braces!

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After getting your new braces put on, the initial week can have some discomfort! This can also happen when braces are tightened too. If your child is experiencing discomfort, you’ll want to ensure they areeating soft foods, which won’t further irritate their mouth. Here are some winter recipes your whole family can enjoy!

Soft and hearty, perfect for keeping you full and feeling warm during cold autumn months!

Roasted vegetables:
Vegetables can be tricky to enjoy when initially getting braces. Make it easier for your child to get their daily vegetable intake by roasting them! Squash, sweet potato and carrots are all great options when roasted and softened.

Chicken soup:
This meal is a classic when it comes to comfort food, we had to include it! Chicken soup feels like a big hug which is perfect during the cold weather and relieving discomfort. Whip up some chicken soup for dinner tonight!

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– The Beach Braces Team