What are TADS?

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TADs, also known as Temporary Anchorage Devices, are mini implants that are placed temporarily in various locations of the jawbone to assist with a specific type of tooth movement that is necessary as part of a patient’s treatment plan. These devices have revolutionized the field of orthodontics. They act as anchors, and enable tooth movements that in the past were considered feasible only with jaw surgery. TADS are made by medical-grade titanium, a material that is compatible with bone, similar to regular dental implants. However TADS are a lot smaller than dental implants, and they are typically removed after they have served their purpose (six months to one year after their placement).

At Beach Braces, each patient is assessed for a personalized treatment plan by our orthodontist, Dr. Dask. If TADS are indicated, Dr. Dask will discuss his recommendations with the patient and family.

If you want to learn more information about TADs, and how they can potentially help you achieve your orthodontic treatment goals, please feel free to contact our office at Beach Braces in Scarborough.

– The Beach Braces Team