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Orthodontic treatment offers many dental health benefits. However, if not cared for properly, some things could not go as planned! Here are some of the common problems that could occur if you don’t take care of your oral hygiene while wearing braces:

Decalcification: When you don’t brush and floss properly, food remnants will accumulate in the hard-to-brush areas (typically around the braces). The millions of bacteria that live in the mouth will feed on these food remnants and produce acid, which in turn gradually removes the calcium for the surface of the enamel causing decalcification (a.k.a. “white spot lesions”). When you are wearing braces, you are more prone to decalcification so make sure to keep your teeth and mouth as clean as possible!

Gum Disease: The acid produced by the process described above doesn’t just affect your teeth. When it hits the gum tissues it irritates them and makes them inflamed, leading to gum disease. Gum disease looks like red gums that are swollen, and occasionally bleed when touched or brushed. If you have gum disease the gum tissue will bleed when you brush, but this shouldn’t discourage you. Please continue to brush and floss regularly. If you do, the swelling and redness will subside in a few short weeks!

Relapse: So, the braces are off and you are enjoying your new straight smile! Congrats, but remember: the battle isn’t won yet! The teeth will have a tendency to shift, so please wear your retainers as instructed by your orthodontist. If you let your teeth go crooked again, you may have to undergo additional orthodontic treatment (a.k.a.: the three words nobody wants to hear in their life: “braces back on”!) So be smart and wear your retainer so you can keep that smile beautiful for a lifetime!

Keeping optimum dental health is essential when wearing braces. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth. It is also important to follow the retention instructions provided by your orthodontist for the best results from your treatment. Take extra good care of your teeth and your hard work will pay off with a beautiful and healthy smile!

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– Your Beach Braces Team