Importance of Elastics

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If your orthodontist has planned for you to wear elastics (also known as rubber bands) – they are an important part of your orthodontic treatment plan. Elastics can be used in different configurations or shapes, usually attaching on little hooks and stretching between your top and bottom braces. The elastics are specifically used to get your top and bottom teeth to fit together correctly. If you do not wear your elastics, your teeth will be straight, but the top and bottom rows will not fit together properly, resulting in an incorrect bite. Sometimes the orthodontist will ask you to wear elastics during the night only, other times day and night. It is very important to wear the elastics as instructed. Never change the orientation, and never double up on your elastics, unless instructed to do so.

Remember that wearing your elastics properly is your ticket to having your braces taken off on time!

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