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Getting braces can be a big transition for many people. There are a few adjustments that take some getting used to. Finding new ways to clean your teeth, what to eat and not to eat, but also how to protect your teeth!

If you are an active sports player, you know that mouth injuries are common. When you add braces into the mix, the risks are even higher. That’s why at Beach Braces we place a big importance on protecting your smile when you play. Mouth guards should be worn especially for contact sports such as football, rugby, basketball, soccer and hockey, even if you wear a cage! The mouth guard helps to cushion a blow to the face that may result in an injury to the mouth and its joints. The mouth guard acts as a shock absorber and protects the teeth and lower jaw from the impact. It also helps so that you do not accidentally bite into your lips, cheeks or tongue. Even the professional sports players wear them! So next time you are about to go play, play it safe!

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