Summer Treats That Are Safe To Eat With Braces

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We have finally made it to a well-deserved summer and there are many reasons to smile and celebrate! This summer, we want to help our patients with suggestions for braces-friendly treats that are perfect for a barbecue, picnic, or wherever summer takes you.

Fruit Salad

There are no limitations when it comes to a refreshing fruit salad! When fruit is cut up into small pieces, those who are undergoing braces treatment can enjoy any fruit they’d like. However, if you have just got your braces on or recently had an adjustment, you might want to stick to fruit that will be more comfortable to chew – like bananas, blueberries and grapes.

Ice Cream

This frozen and creamy classic is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you down this summer. We recommend that patients treat themselves to a scoop of ice cream after initially getting their braces put on or adjusted. The cold of this summertime favourite can help with any inflammation or swelling you might experience after being treated. Those who have braces just need to remember that their teeth are more susceptible to cavities, so always remember to clean your teeth well after indulging in some ice cream!


Thankfully, cake is not a dessert that you will have to forgo this summer if you have braces. Since cake is soft and easy to chew, you can pick almost any flavour you’d like! Just make sure there are no sticky or hard ingredients that could get stuck in your wires – like caramel or nuts. Try making this refreshing strawberry and lemon buttercream cake for an extra special treat this summer!

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